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A Guy Who Bought His Girl A $35,000 Engagement Ring Had It Stolen After He Brought A Chick Up To His Hotel To Bang


NY Post – A man who spent the night at a swanky Meatpacking District hotel with a woman he just met woke up to find that she had left him — and taken with her a $35,000 diamond engagement ring he had in his room, police said.

The 43-year-old victim met the female thief while he was out partying with friends and invited her back to his room at the Standard High Line Hotel on March 17, cops said Monday.

When he woke up, the woman had left and the ring — which he had been keeping in the room — was gone, according to police reports. The thief is still at large, cops said.


Talk about your bad luck. I mean yes this guy 100% had it coming the second he hit that Elevator Up button in the hotel. You buy a ring and THE SAME DAY you’re bringing a chick up to your hotel room to bang? I can’t imagine worse relationship/life karma. But at the same time, statistically speaking, it is awfully bad luck that he brought a chick back that would do something as completely insane as stealing a pricey-looking ring from a room. Maybe she wasn’t even doing it for the money as much as she was pissed she had a sparkling diamond rubbed in her face right after blowing this idiot on a feathery soft down mattress? Then again, at that point it’s not even bad luck as much as it is setting yourself up for disaster, one of those “Yeah this shouldn’t have happened but you kinda had this coming” situations. Some dick moves are so big that you’re practically tempting fate to challenge you. Lesson learned.


Also is it possible this dude might somehow skate with his chick? The odds she’s checking the New York Post when they don’t seem to live in NYC seem pretty low and he’s blurred out in the video and not named anywhere. Losing a ring that expensive would suck but getting away without getting busted by the woman whom the ring was intended for? Almost might be worth it if you’re going to stay committed to that scumbag life.