Update - Upon Second Look The Fan Betting His Life Savings On The Cubs To Win The World Series Is VERY FAKE

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So this is the problem with the internet. Everyone moves as fast as possible at all times. I got this story tweeted at me a hundred times the minute CBS posted it so I just hurried up and blogged it. Now that the dust has settled and I took a second look, it’s fake. Really fake. And I don’t want to blame CBS Sports but come on, you guys are real journalists, I’m just a barely literate fat blogger. I didn’t go to journalism school to fact check, that’s your job. Be better and I will promise to be better too. Fuck everything, this is why my heart has turned dark and cynical, I hate Kimmel. And now come the people who say they knew, fuck that, EVERYONE fell for it. If you didn’t that just means you happened to not be on the internet for the 20 minutes it went viral.




This is the site that first had the story.


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The only team this works for is the Cubs by the way. Probably doesn’t speak highly of our fanbase. Whatever. I still love Don Majewski