Nothing To See Here Except A Goddamn Hippopotamus Chilling In The Middle Of A City Street

Cute, right?  Wrong.  That “Heppo” is going to 5 seconds away from murdering that shirtless vagrant and everyone in his way.

At least this kind of Safari shit like this doesn’t go down in Good Ol’ America, especially Philly. Oh, wait.

Freaking real life Jumungi going down in the Concrete Jungle. Amazing. The main issue here is who the FUCK decided to have a circus in West Philly? I guess The Gulag was booked. If a tiger escaped (again) from that circus it would have been the tamest beast on those streets. Actually surprised a herd of crackheads didn’t go full Walking Dead on the zebras to get their full meal for the month. Just a damn shame not everyone is fortunate enough to have an Auntie and Uncle in Bel-Air and have to deal with all the crime and wild stampedes in the area. Those things are lucky they didn’t cross over into Upper Darby Delco territory after the Eagles loss or they would’ve been beaten to a pulp by an angry, divorced drunk wearing nothing but jorts and a Ty Detmer jersey.