I'm So Down For Hillary Clinton To Release The Alien Nudes




I’m actually shocked no candidate in the past has ever done this before. Releasing all the alien information? Sign me the fuck up. Seriously though, why hasn’t any potential President stood up in front of the country and said simply this. When I become President I’ll tell everyone who killed JFK, I’ll release all information about aliens, I’ll find out if David Stern had a frozen envelope in the ’85 draft and I’ll empty out Lake Loch Ness in Scotland so we can see if the Loch Ness monster is real. Do that and it’s a done deal for me. I’m a simple man, every day that goes by I hate politics more and more. Political twitter is the worst, political blogs are awful, political comments on Facebook are the bottom barrel of society. So let’s make it light and fun. I think I speak for the silent majority. Enough about politics, tell us more about those aliens.