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Steph Curry Goes Back To Back, Wins Unanimous NBA MVP



Back to Back MVP, unanimous vote, like I said in my first blog of the day, let’s not make it a semantics debate, this was Steph’s year through and through. And now he’s in rarified air. Here’s your list of back to back NBA MVP award winners.


-Bill Russell

-Wilt Chamberlain


-Moses Malone

-Magic Johnson

-Larry Bird

-Michael Jordan

-Tim Duncan

-Steve Nash

-Lebron James



Outside of Steve Nash, that is basically your top 10 NBA players of all time list. Truly incredible company to be in. He also sits in the unanimous MVP list with Tom Brady and Wayne Gretzky. And even with all of that said it still doesn’t accurately describe what it was like to watch Steph Curry play basketball this season. One of the most memorable seasons I have ever witnessed. Appointment television night in and night out. I posted a vine of Steph airballing a three last night not because I was making fun of him but because it was shocking to see. He has changed what we expect on a basketball court. When you are shocked at 36 foot misses or half court shots that don’t go in. When you don’t bat an eye lash at 9 points in less than 50 seconds. That’s Steph Curry. Something you will tell your kids about when you want to sound like an old man. What a season.