In The Other NBA Game Last Night The Heat And Raptors Basically Made Everyone Hate Basketball





Ah yes, the game that everyone in America DID actually watch but wished they hadn’t. Have people been tuning in for this Raptors/Heat series? It’s like watching USF vs Cincinnati at 11:30 AM on a Saturday morning. Just horrendous horrendous basketball. And the worst part is it means absolutely nothing. If the Raptors win they maybe take a game from the Cavs. If the Heat win we may get a cool D-Wade takes over and beats Lebron in a game in Miami moment. That’s it, that’s everything at stake. It actually makes me happy that the Bulls didn’t make the playoffs. It was what I talked about all spring. Why wish for a shitty team to enter a shitty round of playoffs only to eventually get curb stomped by Lebron. It’s almost freeing, I don’t have to get my hopes up that maybe this is the year someone takes Lebron down in the East. I can just sit back and know that the Cavs are in the Finals and my true hatred doesn’t have to kick in until then. And as for this series? You know it’s going 7. It’s going 7 games, Kyle Lowry will go 2-20 and then hit a buzzer beater to send the 7th game into OT and it will still finish 30 points under the total. All but guaranteed.







Raptors +5 and losing the way they did in OT. You can’t even be mad though, at least the game was finally over