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Fired Sam Hinkie Finished 10th In Voting For NBA Executive Of The Year By His Peers...TENTH!!!

#TrustTheProcess!!! Respect amongst your peers isn’t given. It’s earned. And Sam Hinkie’s team that finished 10-72 was good enough to get him voted 10th out of 30 NBA basketball executives this season. The NBA isn’t like any other of the major sports. You need certified STARS to win it all. Overpaying for guys like Andre Iguodala and Elton Brand isn’t going to get you far (and I swear to shit if Colangelo does the same thing to get Jimmy Butler and Dion Waiters there will be hell to pay). Hinkie took this franchise that was forever in 6th-8th seed purgatory and gave it a chance for a dynasty. Now the Sixers are swimming in lottery picks and spending money. You either loved or hated what he did, and apparently Hinkie’s peers at least understood the process. It’s just a damn shame Adam Silver dipped his claws into the Sixers ownership’s grits a little too prematurely.

Unfortunately, you could see the writing I the wall for Sir Hinkie’s demise when they hired Jerry Colangelo in December. The owners weren’t trusting no process, especially when, at least record wise, this team kept regressing (also out of control antics from Okafor and Embiid being broken never helped). Personally I feel like this was always intended to be Hinkie’s trilogy of tank and next season would be the year they start gunning for greatness. Now we’ll have someone else at the helm to use Hinkie’s 85 draft picks and unlimited cap space. Sometimes in order to make an omelette you gotta break a couple eggs. Hinkie slaughtered the entire fucking chicken coop before they were even able to lay. And, believe me, it will bode well for the next decade. Farewell, sweet prince. Thank you for your misery.

Now cue it the fuck up and get ready for those balls to drop and drop hard next week.