This Dad's Reaction To Finding Out His Son May Be Having A Baby Is Simply Incredible

*Disclaimer: I have no idea if this video is new or old, but it is hilarious. I asked KFC since he is the closest thing to a black blogger that we have here and he hadn’t seen it, so that was enough for me.

Somebody sign this dad up for a television show IMMEDIATELY. An older, fatter Bo Jackson doppelgänger with a voice made for comedy. As soon as he finds out that his son may be having a baby, he basically presses a button and just goes on autopilot of insults for his son and the girl. I mean he leads off with a “You stupid motherfucker” and drops a “raggedy ass hoes” before having to take his first breath. He just seamlessly blends his insults together into one long word. I would love to hear him say Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik.

And that dad has a point. It doesn’t matter how fat her ass is. Two stupid people are going to create a stupid baby. Simple science, folks. Nature over nurture. Or is it nurture over nature? I can never remember. But that kid’s dad is just keeping in one hunnid and calling his grandkid an idiot while its basically still an embryo. And I don’t know who Didi is, but I’m sure she will NOT be happy to hear she is going to need to suck some dick to get that $150 for abortion money.

There is also nothing in this world more confusing and weird than kids that call their parents “mommy” and “daddy” after the age of 10. Well other than kids that call their dad “dawg”.

h/t Ben