Pete The Wombat Rips A Raunchy Fart Right In His Owner's Lap



Fucking Pete. Pete the farting Wombat. Our newest internet hero. I recommend you keep watching the video even after Pete rips a huge fart right on top of his owner. It only gets better from there. Pete HATES his owner. Absolutely hates him. Pete will kill the guy in his sleep the first chance he gets. Pete keeps trying to get away and his owner keeps shoving corn in his face. If we learned anything there it’s that wombats for sure aren’t lap animals. The look on Pete’s face when he begrudgingly eats the corn is terrifying. Like some sort of devil wombat. The irony? Now all I want is a farting wombat chilling by my side at all times. Pete seems like an asshole but I know for a fact that Pete and I would be best buds. I wouldn’t hold him and squeeze his belly until he farted like that guy was. We’d just chill on my couch and let the farts out naturally.