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Guy Stands Under Fake Rain Machine To Trick Girls Into Making Out With Him Like In The Movie "The Notebook"


I really want to hate this guy. I really do. Not just for being a weirdo that knows “The Notebook” inside and out but just for making a video like this in general. But you know what, I can’t. Because what this video just proved is that girls are fucking pawns. They want to pretend that they’re so high and mighty and have such a great standards but the minute you throw on a little fake rain and play a sappy love song they’re basically sucking your cock and living out a fantasy. Snake it till you make it bro. And you snaked your way into this…



and this…



And I can’t in good conscience hate on either.



So turned on by skinny Kelly Kapur and her bitchy attitude. It’s the ones you can’t pet that you want to pet the most.