White Boy Brawl At Lake Havasu Looked Like Fun If Cheap Shots And Punching People In The Back Of The Head Is Your Thing


Some Highlights

:18-20 – a Brief cat fight begins, unfortunately the cameraman is too busy shouting World Star at an all white brawl to notice, either that or he is a homosexual and isn’t interested in cat fights.

:27 – The full, push back a woman but really just grab her entire tit and get a bone move. Like the 21st century Frank Costanza


:36-:38 – A flurry of spaz punches that land exactly zero times.

:42-:47 – The crowd decides the quickest way to settle this is to just start cheap shotting every person in sight. Also girls falling down but one of them is fat so gross.

1:01-1:04 – Kid gets skull fucked by the brick wall. Definitely a concussion, possible broken neck.

1:12-1:15 – That same broken neck guy, now with his hands up no longer trying to fight gets sucker punched into the next century. Because the quickest way to prove how tough you are is to punch people when they’re not looking and don’t want to fight.

1:20-1:24 – Guy holding his ears as if he’s 5 years old and the Choo-Choo train is too loud. Not sure what that is all about.



All in all it looks like every douchebag on planet earth decided to have a knee high water party with sucker punches, awful tattoos, popcorn muscles and a guy shouting a website’s name as well as the N-Word to try and sound cool. Good times!



Notice not a single bucket hat in the entire video. Coincidence? I think not.