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Update: Here's WILD Footage Of The Recent Colorado, Oklahoma Tornadoes

If you haven’t seen this footage yet welp, here it is.

Colorado, Saturday:


Oklahoma, Monday:

Update: I highly recommend you jump to different segments of this video. The footage is crazy.

Obviously the up close Colorado footage is insanity. Thank god for psychopaths willing to drive straight into deadly storms.

Colorado was hit by as many as 15 tornadoes Saturday. The storm system then moved into the Midwest Sunday, hitting Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska and Texas. Just 5 minor injuries were reported. The Colorado twister is estimated to have left a half-mile wide, 6-mile long path of destruction.

Then two people were killed Monday night in storms that struck through Oklahoma and Nebraska.

Just your friendly, weekly reminder that Mother Nature is one badass betch. A few weeks ago it was earthquakes. Last week it was fires. This week it’s tornadoes. The good news? Hurricane season starts June 1!