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Muslim High Schooler "Accidentally" Listed In Yearbook As 'Isis Phillips'

APA Muslim high school student says she’s saddened and hurt after being identified in her California high school’s yearbook as “Isis Phillips.”

Bayan Zehlif has posted a photo on Facebook of what she says is her picture with the name “Isis Phillips” underneath it in the Los Osos High School yearbook. She writes in the post that she’s “extremely saddened, disgusted, hurt and embarrassed.” She says the school reached out and told her it was a ‘typo,’ but she adds “I beg to differ.”

Chaffey Joint Union High School District Superintendent Mat Holton tells the Los Angeles Times that Zehlif was misidentified as another student with the name Isis. He says an investigation will be conducted.



Zero chance this was by “accident.” There’s just no way. If they had mixed it up and called her Kelly or something that’s one thing. That’s an accident. But you don’t “accidentally” ID the Muslim chick as Isis. No fucking way. Some senior plugged into the inner workings of the yearbook bureaucracy and the Los Osos High School powers-that-be obviously orchestrated this mixup. A funny prank that just might go viral.

Or she was in on it. She pinned the tweet and it’s got 3,500 retweets? Something’s fishy here. You don’t mixup Bayan Zehlif with Isis Phillips, go viral, and have me think it was just some freak accident. Something’s off here. You know it. I know it. And Isis Phillips knows it.