PornHub Changing Their Header To MomHub For Mother's Day Finally Crossed The Line

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Too far, PornHub. Way too far. Some people have Sunday rituals that involve the HBO lineup followed by some porn and then bed. It’s a nice way to clear the head, clear the pipes, and get ready to start the week.


However, when the first thing you’re reminded about is your mom… that makes the watching of the porn a rather difficult task on what’s supposed to be a stress-free Sunday. I know PornHub is one of those annoying people who think every holiday is the biggest day ever and cause for celebration, but this is over the line. I can deal with PornHub celebrating arbor day with big dick videos and breast cancer awareness month with big tit vids, but leave our moms out of this. I don’t need to be reminded of that nonsense. We went to brunch in the morning and now I’ve earned myself a little me time. You ruined that and threw off my whole goddamn week.