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Massive Mother's Day BRAWL In A Japanese Steakhouse

What happens when you dont get your mama volcano flowers from The Bouqs courtesy of promo code KFC…

Nothing quite says “I love you, Mom” like throwing hands in the Japanese steakhouse with the help. Trays flying, plates smashing. Men, women throwing punches. Absolutely chaos. I suppose thats what you get for going to a Japanese steakhouse on Mother’s Day. I mean what kind of plans are those? You go to a nice brunch. Maybe a nice seafood restaurant on the water. You dont go to a goddam Benihana. I’d sit in the traffic to get to City Island before I went to a Hibachi joint on Mother’s Day. I mean I love those places – mountains of fried rice, the filet mignon/shrimp combo. Its all delicious. Its just there’s a time and a place. Only animals go there for their mother and thats clearly what we saw in this video.

Anyway, best part of this video is this Asian dude:

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 9.20.23 AM

He shows up around the 5 second mark. Watching him as he just skedaddles. Just side steps his way out of the whole brawl. SKRRRRT! You can see he’s like “Well this is CLEARLY not my fight.” And the best party is everyone else agrees to. The whole restaurant is brawling with the waiters at this joint except the Asian dude. Everyone knows he has no part in this melee. Hilarious.