The Yankees Show Signs Of Life And Beat Boston

It’s early May but that is a HUGE win for the Yankees. This is the 3rd game in a row with good starts out of our rotation and puts us in position to win a series against the Red Sox. This wasn’t the way you want to have to win, on a late inning solo shot, but the team stuck together and pulled it out.

I’m sure tomorrow we’ll hear more about Ellsbury and the extent of his injury, but we have to hope with the way he’s played the last week, that this isn’t something long. Getting him and Gardner going at the top of the lineup sets the tone for this lineup so seeing him go down, regardless of his contract, is a major blow.

Sox fans are going to complain about the umps but that pitch caught the plate. It doesn’t matter if the catcher was crossed up or where his glove started. The pitch caught the plate and Papi then stood there pouting to strike out looking.

PS: I would give anything for Papi to come up on that PED list we’re all waiting on. If nothing else, he should get a random test tomorrow after those signs of rage tonight.