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A Very Insecure Ronda Rousey Cursed Out Paige VanZant For Congratulating Holly Holm On Her Win

TBL - Ronda Rousey cursed out Paige VanZant at a party because she congratulated Holly Holm according to Miesha Tate. Tate, the current UFC women’s bantamweight champion, relayed that story on Joe Rogan’s podcast today. VanZant then confirmed the story to TMZ:

I could not be more team anti-Ronda Rousey. Fuck that broad. You don’t step to Paige VanZant like that. PVZ wouldn’t harm a fly unless that fly was in the octagon with her. All Paige did was congratulate Holly Holm and Rousey lost her fucking mind. The best part of it though is Miesha Tate stirring the pot. She has nothing to do with this story at all, and now she’s thrown Paige under the bus and has successfully gotten a bunch of people to think Rousey is a huge bitch. Could not make me happier that there is all this drama in the women’s division of MMA to go along with the drama on the men’s side. Which, by the way, I still think there’s a chance McGregor is at UFC 200. Somehow, someway. Remember when they announced the main event of UFC 200 on Good Morning America? Exactly, nobody does, because nobody besides MMA purists cared. I’m not as confident anymore that he’ll be there, but I’m not ruling it out yet, just going with this queso gut on it.

PS: Just dawned on me Paige VanZant is the perfect person to promote UFC 200. She needs to be on that card. Talk about getting new eyeballs on the sport, wa wa wee wa. (Borat reference, nailed it.)

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