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Does This Look Like The Face Of A Man Arrested For Misusing 911 After He Called To Complain About His McDonald's Order Being Wrong


(Source) A man who called 911 to complain about his McDonald’s order ended up going to jail. “I went in to order seven McDoubles and one McChicken and one fry,” Lorenzo Riggins told local station WALB-TV. But he says that’s not what he walked away with. “When I got to my truck and I got ready to leave, I looked in my bag and come to find out I had six McDoubles,” the Albany, Ga., resident said. He said he went back into the restaurant to get his other McDouble but didn’t get any satisfaction.”She was trying to get an attitude with me, and I said I’m going to call the police,” the dissatisfied customer said. And he did, but that’s when he got double trouble rather than another McDouble.

Riggins was arrested and charged with violation of the emergency 911 telephone service, according to WALB. “I called the police” he said, and thought everything was “cool.” “I didn’t know I was misusing 911,” Riggins said. Riggins told WALB-TV that all he wanted was respect; the police told WALB-TV that misuing 911 is no joke. The police also took Riggins to jail. Riggins came away from the experience with a cautionary message: “I would like to say check your food before you leave, always be careful when you go buy food anywhere you go,” he said.


This is one of those situations where context is everything. Is calling 9-11 because of a screwed up food order wrong? Usually yes. But guess what. When it’s a man that orders SEVEN McDoubles and a McChicken in a single order, well then that changes just about everything. Straight up professional order right there. That’s not your casual once a month fast food binge. That’s, “I eat McDonald’s every day of my life for every single meal and I also wear a yellow leisure suit because I love McDonald’s that much”. So yeah, Lorenzo Riggins should get the respect he deserves. Dude just ordered 14 hamburgers, if you give him 12 you’ve basically committed murder in his eyes.



Never seen someone give such earnest advice before.

“I would like to say check your food before you leave, always be careful when you go buy food anywhere you go,”


Like I’m pretty sure this was the absolute worst possible thing that could have ever happened to Lorenzo Riggins. Soul crushing