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What Could Have Been The Office Cast Is Really Weird


These are always so weird, like I can’t even imagine Michael Scott being anyone but Steve Carrell. And I know that’s just my simple mind being simple. The fact that I have no ability to even imagine an alternate reality means I’m basically like the most intelligent dog in the world, nothing more, but still. Seth Rogen as Dwight? Asian Jim?



Get the fuck out. Bizarre on so many levels.


Top 5 weirdest castings that could have been.


5. Black Neo



4. Tom Selleck as Indiana Jones, kind of an upgrade though considering the stache


3. Robin Williams in the Shining swapped out with Jack Nicholson as Don Corleone, weird all around




2. OJ Simpson as the Terminator, actually kind of badass.



1. Gay Forrest Gump, so fab