Take In This New Justin Timberlake FIRE Jam Now Before It Gets Beaten Through The Ground In 3 Weeks

Fresh on top of fire that’s fucking funk. Must be nice to have a piece of media on YouTube for 2 hours and have half a billion views. Yes, we have ourselves a certified JAM on our hands, ladies and gentleman. But enjoy it now while it’s in its infancy because this feeling won’t last. It never does. 2016 will oversaturate this shit till the horse is dead and buried. Remember when Uptown Funk was once a decent, original jam or that 10 days? That was fun. Sadly it went the way of the Dodo along with the Call Me Maybes, Blurred Lines and Gangnum Styles of the world. And so will this fresh song. Now you only have to get through another 10 or so months of JT parodies and we’re in the clear. Can’t wait till NFL Cheerleaders start rolling out their videos in the Summer thinking they’re the best new thing. OMG SO FUNNY!

Fucking Timberlake. Can the man do anything wrong? Short answer: No. The dude’s come a long way since his hair would conquer the 2016 Megan’s Law website.