I Have A Pretty Good Idea How The Raptors Won Last Night


Yep. So casual. Imagine having the self confidence to wear that to a basketball game? On the real I’m pretty shocked they were allowed to wear that. People get so mad these days, always waving their arms in the air telling you to “think about the children!” so good for the Raptors and good for these ladies for living it up and willing the Raptors to victory with their tits. If guys can take off their shirts and paint their chests, why can’t girls? Good for Canada and the city of Toronto for being all about the equality life. It’s 2016, we shouldn’t be able to dictate who wears what to Raptors games. I don’t know who Khloe is but I’m fairly sure DeMar DeRozan could describe her asshole in detail to me. And at the end of the day, that’s all that matters.