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KFC Invents Chicken Flavored Nail Polish - Daily Mail

NPR – Finger-lickin’ good? KFC in Hong Kong is marketing edible nail polish that tastes like — wait for it — chicken. “Yes, it is actually a real thing,” the agency running the campaign tells The New York Times.  KFC designed the polish “to appeal to young consumers’ love of food and fashion,” according to a press release sent to the fashion site Racked. “Simply apply and dry like regular nail polish and then lick — again and again and again to taste why the world’s favourite chicken is Finger Lickin’ Good,” the company says. The product comes in three flavors — original, hot and spicy — based on KFC’s chicken recipe. It’s not exactly clear what the nail polish is made of, but KFC says it is “formulated from natural ingredients.” The fast-food chain is asking customers in Hong Kong to pick which flavor should go into mass production, AdWeek reports. We should note that KFC isn’t the first to pitch edible nail polish. Kid Licks, for example, has created three polishes made with fruits and vegetables that are supposed to be safe for kid consumption, POPSUGAR says. Those come in “sour carrot orange,” “beet red” and “barley grass green.”

Brilliant. Genius. Revolutionary. All of the praise to KFC on this one. KFC is that food that tastes great but really makes you feel like shit after. I mean thats all fast food but I think particularly KFC. But if we could get all the flavor of these foods without having to actually eat it? Well thats just the perfect solution. I might have to start painting my nails if they make polish that tastes like a Big Mac or a Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger. Only a matter of time before this hits America. Start this up in the deep south and it will be a smash hit.

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