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India's Government Is Encouraging Women To Reject Marriage Proposals If Their Man Doesn't Have A Toilet


INDIA – The Indian government has launched a ‘no toilet, no bride’ campaign, telling women to reject potential suitors if they cannot provide an inside lavatory. The comments were made by India’s controversial rural development minister, Jairam Ramesh, who recently angered Hindus by pointing out there were more temples than lavatories for the country’s 1.2 billion people. In a speech to villagers in Rajasthan, he said it wasn’t enough for families to check astrological charts to decide if a young man is suitable, they should also inspect his closet. “You consult astrologers about rahu-ketu (the alignment of sun and moon) before getting married. You should also look whether there is a toilet in your groom’s home before you decide don’t get married in a house where there is no toilet,” he warned. His comments are part of a series of speeches and schemes to increase the number of indoor lavatories in a country where more have a mobile phone than a lavatory. More than 900 million – 75 per cent of the population – has a mobile phone subscription in India, while only half of its households have a lavatory.
Classic big government telling people how to live their lives. How about letting women call their own shots on how their arranged marriages should go down? There are already so many things a man needs to have to consider him stud worthy in India. A steady job as either a panhandler, goat herder or IT Help Desk representative. A fully developed mustache worthy of absorbing all the curry so it doesn’t burn the female via muffdive. They have to be already over The Plague. And now they want have the luxury of squatting indoors, too? It’s bad enough the average Indian man is forced to live with 29 of his relatives and rides livestock 2 hours to his job everyday. Cut him some slack and shit down a hole in the backyard. It’s not too much to ask.

Seriously, is India the worst ‘fully developed’ country in the world? There are cell phones everywhere but shit literally still flows through the streets. Plus last time I checked a rupee in The Ocarina of Time holds a higher monetary value than a rupee from India.