Colin Cowherd Grew A Heart And Brain Today And Apologized To John Wall (After Bill Simmons Forced Him To)

Wow! It happened! After 6 years of berating John Wall for seemingly no reason, Colin Cowherd broke character today and apologized. Ok, not seemingly no reason. He berated John Wall for growing up without a father and doing the Dougie on the court one time. But now 6 years later, Bill Simmons held Cowherd at gunpoint and demanded he apologize for being a dick about John Wall, and Cowherd did it. I almost feel like Cowherd shouldn’t have broken there because I can respect a guy that stays in character no matter what, but Simmons backed him into a corner. Cowherd knew that if he didn’t, it would spread across the Internet and look terrible for him, because Simmons opinion is held in such high regard, so Cowherd cracked.

The thing about Colin Cowherd is he is annoying, his opinions suck, and he’s generally unlikable. But it’s those hot takes that take you to the top in today’s world. It’s who can dish out the hotter take on a topic, not if you actually believe what you say. So Colin decided to pick on John Wall, but unfortunately for him, John Wall ended up being a really great guy both on the court and in the community, but Cowherd kept trying to tarnish his reputation. I’m glad Simmons got Cowherd to apologize, because it went on long enough. I bet Cowherd has had times when he’s been absolutely pissed he singled out Wall his rookie season and Wall ended up being so good. Should have picked a different black guy, Colin. I’m glad we can move on from this story line, finally.