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The MLS Fining A Player $250 Dollars For Touching A Ref Is Rock Bottom


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via BustedCoverage




I’m not even a soccer hater, I actually have grown to like watching the EPL on Saturday and Sunday mornings because it’s a totally dead time of the week and free sports are always nice. But this, this right here is the most embarrassing publicity the MLS could ever get. A 250 dollar fine? I’d say most of us have had speeding tickets worth more. If you get a 250 dollar fine as a regular person you’re bummed out but it’s not like your world is about to end. Now take that thought and put it on a 4.1 million a year salary. Do you even notice 250 dollars deducted from your pay stub when you make that much? Free tip to the PR people at MLS, don’t do this ever again. Just take the money and don’t say anything. Because a professional sporting league fining a player 250 dollars is the saddest thing I’ve ever seen. You just fined the guy a round trip flight to Detroit. I think it’s 1k minimum if you don’t properly tie your shoes in the NFL. The NBA fines guys for not tucking in their jerseys. This guy just touched a ref and got fined a Saturday night bar tab with a few friends, christ. Act like you belong once, MLS, just once.