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Why The Hell Did The Pacers Just Let Frank Vogel Go?

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Maybe I’m missing something here but why the fuck are the Pacers not renewing Frank Vogel’s contract? As a fan of a team that recently fired a great NBA coach, you really really don’t want to do that. Maybe there is some internal struggle I’m not seeing because I don’t follow the Pacers day to day, something similar to Thibs in Chicago, but fuck man, Frank Vogel is a pretty damn good coach who had a nice bounce back year this season after losing Paul George in 2014-15. He just took a 7 seed to the seventh game and out coached his counterpart. And the number 1 sign that you shouldn’t let a coach like Frank Vogel go? Knicks and Rockets fans saying they want him immediately. That’s usually a really bad sign, when everyone else wants the Coach you just let go for no real apparent reason. And it also wasn’t from Vogel’s side. He apparently tried to convince Larry Bird to reconsider.




Just really really strange stuff. As someone who went through this a year ago, trust me Pacers fans, the grass is almost definitely not greener on the other side. Letting good coaches walk out the door is a quick way to piss off your fanbase off. They don’t exactly grow on trees in the NBA anymore.