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Zen Master, Bring Me Frank Vogel!!!

I don’t want Frank Vogel as the next Knicks head coach, I NEED it. I understood that Thibs would be a tough hire because he may have wanted more control than the Knicks were willing to give him. I also realize that Phil has a gigantic boner for Kurt Rambis for some unknown reason. But Vogel killed the one decent Knicks team we have seen over the last decade in six games and had been a great defensive coach for years. If we could just somehow convince Phil to give Vogel the head coaching and defensive responsibilities while staying true to the triangle with Rambis and all of Phil’s other flunkies coaching up the offense, it would be a win/win, right? RIGHT?!?! I mean I hate the triangle as much as everyone else, but if we sign Vogel to a long-term deal, maybe him and whoever the next President will build the Knicks into an actual contender. Good thing Phil is in the right state of mind/the United States to make some big basketball decisions!

And yes, I realize this is likely going to blow up in all of our faces like it has a million different times during this century. But can’t a blogger dream about having this guy coach his favorite team?