The Hawks Gave Up 25 Threes Last Night Then Cried To Reporters About "Class"



Pretty sure Bazemore fell asleep on the bench.




And our boy Dahntay Jones hit the record breaker.





I think the number 1 illustration that you suck at losing is the second you bring up “Class”. The Hawks got TORCHED last night. Gave up 74 points in the first half, 25 threes for the game, and looked for the most part like they didn’t even belong in the same state as the Cavs. Then what did they do afterwards? Talked about class and karma and how if they were in the same position they wouldn’t be going for the record. First of all, maybe play some defense? And second, shut the fuck up. I don’t want the Cavs to win just as much as the next person but the second you start calling them unclassy because they beat the fuck out of you on the basketball court, is the second you show the world you’re a giant tool. This isn’t even a celebration, or football where you can physically knee the ball. This is just basketball. You didn’t play defense and they did their job extremely well and now you’re crying about class. When Magic is being semi critical of your performance, that’s when you know you fucking sucked.




Also love Dahntay Jones basically saying there was nothing he could do. He’s just standing there with no one in his area code shooting a basketball which is his exact job. But yeah, so unclassy.





Save this game in the back of your brain when ESPN tells us Lebron doesn’t have any help against the Warriors. you know that narrative will pop back up at some point.




h/t @CarterShade