Dad Goes FULL WWF On Daughter's Cheating Fiance - I'm Talking Elbow Drop, Piledriver, Folding Chairs - The Works

Never rub another man’s rhubarb and never stroke this beast of a father’s daughter. The most shocking part about this clip, other than Dad getting all of his fighting moves straight from Vince McManon’s playbook, is the kid is not only breathing but standing after that beat down. We saw punches, an elbow drop, knee to the face, a pile-driver, kicks to the grille, even threw him off the top rope. I guess wrestling really is that fake, even in real life. At least the 400 screaming babies thought it was realistic.

This reminded me of the time a boyfriend took out all the anger on his GF into the pool via WWE moves. I can watch this passive aggressiveness all life long.

I envy this man. I don’t even care if it didn’t hurt his woman and she enjoyed being put in these WWF porn positions. It’s the thought that counted. It’s the ultimate way to relieve the stress of a relationship. Who needs make up sex when you can pile-drive your woman headfirst into a pool? Exactly. The feeling of power would be too much to turn down. After an argument with the woman I’d want to Stone Cold her into the water. That after Sharpshooting her on the diving board for a couple hours until she taps out. Twice. Eh, maybe it’s best I don’t have a pool