The Atlanta Hawks Hit Themselves With The Crying Jordan Face Last Night

A quick lesson on what to do when your team gets its shit pushed in on national TV by a 25 three-pointer bukkake. Simply slap a crying Jordan face on yourself so people are laughing with you instead of at you. That’s just getting ahead of the joke. Rock solid official team Twittering by this likely low-paid intern. Sure it’s vanilla and safe, but that’s how official teams Twitter work. Keep everything PG and hope you don’t suck too bad. Because instead of talking about how JR Smith and the Cavs put their pipes up the Hawks’ ass for four quarters, a lot of people are talking about a few decent tweets from the Hawks twitter handle. Even if the Hawks are still crying about “class”.

All that being said, this is still the GOAT team tweet. May we all live to see an America where this isn’t considered a fireable offense.