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Reason Number 43,283 To Not Have Children, They'll Interrupt You When You're Trying To Bang In The Park

Captured in the central Chinese city of Xi’an, the footage claims to show a little boy repeatedly urging his parents to hurry up and get their indecent act over with so he can go home.


Is it probably a little inappropriate for you to bang your wife out directly in front of your kid’s face in a public park? Yeah sort of. But at the same time, what are you supposed to? Walk around with a boner and blue balls and be miserable for the rest of the day? That’s just psycho. The only mistake these two made was not using a condom the first time around and avoiding the whole children thing all together. Then again, that kid will most likely commit suicide in a few years when he fully realizes what he did with this move.


Checking under the hood while your mom is getting plowed is a one way ticket to emotionally scarred for life.