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Caps Lose Biggest Game Of The Year Post Game Blog


Well, there it was. Biggest game of the year. No excuses, Caps lost. Caps had a ton of chances tonight and didn’t bury them when they needed to. They needed to split up in Pittsburgh like they did down here and the Caps couldn’t get it done.

Of course the series isn’t over. The Caps are down 3-1 and have 2 home games left in the best of 7. Win the home game, and then force game 7 on the road. Of course it’s been done before. But this game stings. This one hurts. This was the big one. And they didn’t win it.

It’s just so tough man. Ovi has played his dick off. Holtby has played his dick off. The PK has been incredible. But the PP has been a ghost, Kuz and Bura haven’t stepped up, and the defense hasn’t done their job. I fucking tweeted at 2pm today how much I hated Weber being in for Schmidt, and then Weber is the reason for the OT GWG. Just so tough.

So we play on though. Game 5 at home on Saturday. Thought it feels like the series is over, we play on. We battle. And we’ll see what happens. But tonight? It stings. It hurts.