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Here's Some Rare Footage Of Kendrick Lamar Performing With Prince

Facebook- Did you know Prince performed live with Kendrick Lamar? Rarely-seen footage of the two of them jamming at his Paisley Park Studios. All rights Paisley Park / Yahoo – posting solely to share the man’s talents.



Doooooooooope. I said after Prince died that I wasn’t all that familiar with his work and that’s still true but that was AWESOME. I’ll watch him perform with Kendrick Lamar all damn day. Kendrick rapping along as Prince hops on a few instruments and jumps on the mic for a hot second. Electric stuff. The people in that crowd are some lucky sons of bitches. I’glad it was Kendrick up there out of all the potential young hip hop guys on the planet. He seems like the perfect guy to share the stage with Prince. Because you know he knew how big of a moment that was for him. Not that a guy like Drake wouldn’t have realized it too. Kendrick’s just different. Kendrick’s all about the music.


PS- Now we need somebody to ask Kendrick for all his Prince stories. Each and every one of them. Think about that. Combine Prince stories with Kendrick’s ability to tell a story and it could be the GOAT.



Not exactly giants out on that stage


Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 2.22.32 PM


Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 2.22.44 PM