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I'm Excited To Spend A Few Days In Aruba With Pres


Oh it’s lit! Big bad Dave Portnoy is coming to Aruba. In case you somehow missed it, I took 4th in a poker tournament over the weekend, Dave got mad at me for not live tweeting it even though I live tweeted it, and along with 4th place I won a seat into a $2,400 poker tournament in Aruba in November. Fun times right?

Until then on Monday I got this email:

At first I was like fuck, this sounds awful. Then I thought more about it and let’s fucking gooooooo. Just me and the boss, hanging out in Aruba. Wind in our hair, not a care in the world, sipping mai tais on the beach. Him getting eaten alive at the poker table, complaining the entire time because poker is incredibly boring and his back/neck/shoulder will hurt. But it’ll be sweet #Content #Content #Content. November can’t come soon enough.

I’m trying to imagine KFC getting an email from Dave that’s like “hey that vacation you were looking forward to, see ya there!”. Kevin would legitimately either kill himself or Dave before he let that happened. I’m gonna embrace it. I have no other choice. Plus it’s Aruba and we both like seafood and money, what’s the worst that can happen?

The only thing I’m nervous about is if he somehow lasts longer than I do in the tournament. What he/some people don’t get is 1 tournament is not a reflection of how good of a poker player you are. I could totally envision a scenario where he gets in like pocket 2’s vs my aces, sucks out, and then brags for the rest of his life about how he’s the greatest of all time. That’s legit my worst nightmare.