Derek Jeter Thinks Red Sox Fans Have Gone Soft

The king of the internet, Derek Pageviews, was on Late Night last night and called out Red Sox fans for going soft since they’ve won. You know it, I know it and most Red Sox fans know it. Since the Sox won in 2004, this to Fenway have been the perfect place for a girls night out. It’s pink hats all over the place and singing Neil Diamond like it’s a pregame at a sorority house. Yankee Stadium may have gone corporate but it’s great to have Derek come out and say what everyone knows.

The thing that sucks about this is that Derek just gave the hole in one truthers some ammo. For any other guy who has just been playing golf for a year, it’s hard to believe they would hit a hole in one but if you tell me Derek Jeter hit one on his first ever swing of a golf club I’m going to believe it. Based on what he said it could be real and he is trying to just hype it up for page views but it could be fake for whatever he was filming at The Players Tribune. I’m sure if it’s fake he lied to us for a good reason. Like when your parents tell you that Santa is real or that your conception was planned, it’s for the greater good I’m sure.

PS: I know the Yankees stink. It’s actually amazing the ways we’re finding to lose games. I never thought it would be on a pitcher unable to cath the ball covering first TWICE. Almost feels like we need to have a guy thrown out at first from right to really hit rock bottom and turn this around.