Big Ups to This Lady Hammering Lo Mein During the Warriors V. Blazers Game

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 12.29.40 AM





I don’t know if Chinese food is a roadside to-go option at Oracle or if she snuck this in her back pocket then busted it out in the third quarter, I just know that smashing lo mein courtside is something mine eyes have never seen before. If you can get a #68 with a fortune cookie in Oakland then that’s next level dining.



PS – The fork is kind of a bullshit move and makes me think they sell it inside Oracle. That’s concession food nonsense. If I’m eating Asian cuisine then I use chopsticks, it’s disrespectful to do anything else. I know it’s like saying “Gracias” to your waiter at a Mexican restaurant, something I don’t do, but whatever. I need to immerse myself in the culture to get the full taste. Even if it means eating one piece of rice at a time.