This Video Sums Up Ted Cruz

I was out to diner tonight so I missed Lyin Ted withdrawing from the race. Tough day for Lyin Ted. Big Cat posted the “Too Slow” handshake this morning, but I hadn’t seen this one yet. Poor Lyin Ted. Just no clue who he is dealing with. Like what type of idiot tries to negotiate with a Trump supporter like this? It doesn’t matter what you say. It doesn’t matter if you’re telling the truth. You’re Lyin Ted. As long as people can shout “Lyin Ted” at you then you have no chance. “What about your mistresses? That’s a lie. OK LYIN TED!”

PS – Trump is going to be our next President. There is no way Hilary is going to be able to handle this onslaught. She’s too political. She’s too by the book. That’s what all these idiot politicians don’t realize. Trump ain’t playing by the rules and by the time they realize it’s over. Like if I was Hilary’s campaign advisor the first thing I would do is come up with a nickname for Trump. Call him “Racist Donny” every single time you mention him. Beat it into people’s heads. Beat “Racist Donny” to the punch. Name him before he names you. But Hilary won’t because she doesn’t know she’s in a gutter war yet. I know a winner when I see one. Trump is a winner. I can’t wait to see the nickname he comes up with for Hilary.