Catching Up On KOTD : Iron Solomon Vs Dizaster & Philadelphia's Rone Is King

Going to get back into everything on the night shift, been busy. Lets go. Kick it off catching up with some rap battles that all us pastey white boys would say are “Lit”. Now, I know this is still a fringe subject, but we blog about Lax, so why not the highest level of lyricism on the internet today? Maybe Im just partial because the only thing I like more than lasagna is dank puns and witty references. First battle is former KOTD champ Diz vs Iron Solomon, which has come in to be my new favorite individual battle.

Diz going after everything from anne frank to adam sandler? ouch.


“Imma milk this, my styles butter, the crowd love me like a cows utter in calcutta”. I am a simple man, I enjoyed this line

Second we have Rone vs Illmaculate. Rone is a Phily native who got a title shot 2 months ago and slayed the guy who beat Pat Stay da gawd. So the best battle rapper in the world right now lives in Phily. Nova wins a ship, Rone wins a ship, #trusttheprocess looking like itll pay off soon, and the eagles have the best fcs qb ever. Phily, so hot right now, Phily

I felt really awkward when he said “hood booger”. But I guess its just a new form of “Bush pig” 2016-05-03 19-04-46