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John Danks Designated For Assignment


This was probably inevitable, as Danks’ arm was just fried. Before I get into the effect of this trade on the team, I think I speak for most people when I say, money aside (he made a fuck ton of it), Sox fans really feel for Danks. Before he signed his 5 year deal, he was on pace to be a great pitcher in this league. Unfortunately he suffered an injury that hardly anyone has ever bounced back and pitched effectively from. He did turn in more than fine back of the rotation numbers post-surgery, just not numbers that should garnish a $15MM AAV salary. That said, he always worked his dick off and battled as best he could for someone who just couldn’t pitch with any effectiveness anymore.


Oh, and also, we as Sox fans would be completely remiss to not give Danks a big ass thank you for the 2008 “Blackout” Game. That’s one of the more important games in Sox history, and he completely dominated a scary Twins lineup in it to reach the post-season. So for that, we owe Danks a great debt.


NOW, moving forward: Danks is gone. I’m surprised it happened now before his start against a team that sucks against LHP, but it was coming sooner than later regardless. Apparently Erik Johnson will take his place on Thursday (I’m still at work and trying to multi-task while gathering facts). He’s done well the last season + in Charlotte, but has yet to prove he’s anything more than a AAAA pitcher. I have a strong inkling that Johnson will be on a short leash, because he still has minor league options left, and if he fucks up this opportunity then Turner will be next in line, who cannot be sent back down should he fuck up his chance either. Of the two, Turner is throwing better at the moment and has better peripherals against big league pitching at the time being.


Regardless, as much as I feel for Danks, and you all should too, this was the right move in terms of wins/losses for the Sox. Danks was also undoubtedly a leader in the clubhouse, and we all know how the Laroche situation unfolded, so hopefully this doesn’t piss anyone off and they don’t fall apart because of it. They obviously didn’t after the Laroche situation, but this is two separate scenarios, so that might worth keeping an eye on as well. That’s all I gotta say on this for now. LET’S BEAT THE FUCK OUT OF BOSTON