This Video Shows In a Little Too Much Detail How Easy It Is To Rob a McDonald's At 3am

DCist - The Metropolitan Police Department is looking for three suspects who were involved in the burglary of a McDonald’s in Navy Yard. The incident took place in the Unit block of I (“Eye”) Street SE on April 29 around 3:15 a.m. In a video released by D.C. police, the suspects can be seen pulling up to the drive-thru window, pushing the cashier out of the way, and hopping inside the restaurant. They are then shown ordering an employee to open a cash register from which they take money out of being fleeing out of a back door.


I saw the headline about people jumping through the drive thru window and got kinda excited because these happen a few times a year and are always spectacular theater. You watch someone shimmy through the little window, fall on the floor, and then rob the place all disheveled. But this one was different. These guys looked like The Town. Solid leap through the window while pushing the drive thru worker. Didn’t just get one drawer of money, got multiple drawers of money. And I’m pretty sure I saw them walk out with a few Big Macs and medium fries too. Kinda a good thing to watch and study if you ever are desperate for money. Like if you are ever in a John Q situation, pretty sure the 3:15am shift workers at McDonald’s aren’t putting up a big fight. But you know what these robbers did wrong? Didn’t see them fire off a single tweet the entire time. Not a one! The fuck were these guys doing trying to get the money without updating everyone on their progress every 30 seconds? Idiots.