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Melissa McCarthy Is Not Too Pleased That The Studio Ignored Her When She Told Them The Ghostbusters Trailer Stinks

Guardian - Melissa McCarthy has responded to criticism of the Ghostbusters reboot, saying she finds the original trailer “very confusing”. 

The past week saw the trailer for the all-female take on the sci-fi comedy become the most disliked trailer on YouTube with over 600,000 thumbs down votes. McCarthy, who stars in the film alongside Kristen Wiig, has now spoken about her concerns over the way the trailer presents the story.

“It’s a reboot not a remake,” she said on The John, Jay & Rich Show. “I know its weird that they say [in the trailer] ‘30 years ago’, but in this movie its like the first one didn’t happen. It’s a great story but it’s told totally differently. It’s four unlikely heroes, it’s in New York City, ghosts are taking over; it’s that same classic story but it’s not 30 years later … it’s not dependent on the first one.”

McCarthy also said that she raised the issue but was ignored. “Believe me the question was asked,” she said. “I think that it’s very confusing. But then everyone said we don’t care what you think.”


There hasn’t been a movie that has been so detested by so many people because of a trailer, maybe ever. When it was announced Ghostbusters would be remade with an all-female cast, a lot of people scuffed at the idea. Half was blatant sexism, but the other half was “don’t fuck this up”. Nobody wants to see their favorite movie franchise get fucked up. And then the trailer came out, and everyone was like “you done fucked up”.

It’s not the worst trailer of all time. People are being ridiculously hard on it, it’s Groupthink times a million billion. That’s why it’s the most downvoted movie trailer in YouTube history, because it’s easier to pile on than to think for yourself. But also because it doesn’t look good, AT ALL. It just doesn’t look that funny. And I like Kristen Wiig and tolerate Melissa McCarthy. It’s good to see Melissa McCarthy’s honesty, she’s fucking pisseddddd about how bad of buzz their move is getting. Straight up saying the studio didn’t care about the trailer sucking. Hopefully she continues to give these honest interviews. Would be awesome if she does the entire talk show circuit, goes on Fallon, Colbert, the British dude, and just talks about how much she hates the way the movie turns out. Would sneaky be the best way to get people to go see it, just to see what she’s talking about.

When it comes down to it, this movie probably will not be as bad as people are going to make it out to be, like a Creed concert. There will be good parts and there will be parts that make you laugh to yourself like “wtf did I pay for this shit for?”.