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Jaylen Brantley and Jared Nickens Went On The Ellen Show To Talk About The #RunningManChallenge


Maryland 24/7 - Maryland sophomores Jaylen Brantley and Jared Nickens joined the two high school students who originated their viral #RunningManChallenge dance craze on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” yesterday to talk about how the phenomenon was born — and, of course, to get their ‘running man’ on. The show airs this afternoon, but the video clip below was released last night.

“It’s crazy because now other universities or doing it, professional athletes and celebrities,” Nickens, who apparently also partied with rapper The Game during the west coast trip, told DeGeneres. Degeneres, citing NCAA rules, said she couldn’t give the Terps’ tandem a gift, before handing them custom made, Maryland-themed boxer underwear with their last names on the backsides; she also gave the high school kids from Hillside, N.J., a $10,000 check to go toward their college education.


And there it is, the final #RunningManChallenge. The Ellen Show is the official end to all memes, crazes, trends, fads, viral videos, anything. It builds, builds, builds, goes onto the Ellen Show, and then fades into Bolivia. I feel we’ve accepted this as a country. Whenever something gets popular, it spreads like wild fire on the Internet (I blogged about the RunningManChallenge 2 weeks ago), Ellen catches wind of it a week later, the people go on her show, and then we put it out back to die.

The crazy part is how about those bowtie guys being the inventors of it? They got Zuckerberg’d so bad by Brantley and Nickens. This will always be remembered as Brantley and Nickens dance, not those nerds looking like they should be at the Kentucky Derby. Ellen brining them onto the show would be like introducing the Winkelvi as founders of Facebook. There is no #RunningManChallenge without Maryland basketball. It’s not about the first to do it, it’s about who makes it famous. History is written by the winners. Do you even know the names of those two dweebs? Exactly.