Section 10 Podcast: The Red Sox Are In First Place

The boys are fired up. The Red Sox are in first place. Three podcasts in three weeks as opposed to three podcasts in three months. On Episode 37 of the Section 10 Podcast, we’re discussing the Red Sox three-game sweep over the New York Yankees to move into sole possession of first place, we’re bitching about the Sunday Night Baseball broadcast again, arguing over whether or not the Red Sox would ever have a ceremony at Fenway Park when A-Rod retires, and we’re talking about how awesome David Ortiz is for that home run story on Friday night, what concerns us about David Price, Rick Porcello and why you shouldn’t be surprised he’s doing what he’s doing, some appreciation for Dustin Pedroia, and a ton more. Shout out to our producer, Steve Perrault, for the fire flames intro this week. You guys stepped it up on the voicemails this week, too. Proud of you. Mean it. I figured as much, seeing as Red Sox fans haven’t had much to be excited about in probably three years.

Leave your Red Sox reactions throughout the week on our voicemail, and they could be used at the end of the show: 781-366-0950.