ESPN Is Airing A Piece On The Phillies/Mets Game When The World Found Out We Got Bin-Ladin

Catch May 1, 2011 on ESPN on May 3, 2016

Five years ago this Sunday, an early spring baseball game between division rivals the NY Mets and Philadelphia Phillies, turned into something so much more. It was a tight game into the 9th inning when something out of the ordinary happened. There was a buzz among fans which grew to a crescendo that even the players felt. And none of it had to do with the action taking place on the field. The story of what happened in that game on May 1, 2011, is told by the people who were there – players, fans, and broadcasters – including David Wright, Jimmy Rollins, Bobby Valentine and Dan Shulman. And a special appearance by President Barack Obama with his memories of that night. A night that transcended sports, united bitter rivals, fans and game broadcasters in an unforgettable way. Bob Ley hosts.

Oh what a time to be alive (suck it, Osama). It seems just like yesterday I was grinding out a depression at the pasta stand while the Phillies were riding the 4 Horseman of Aces to a Divisional Playoff loss. But this is some seriously good, memorable shit rolled out by Bob Ley and the boys. It’s impossible not to get goosebumps thinking about that night. ESPN should be thanking some sort of God for the brains behind 30 For 30 and Outside The Lines. These shows that actually focus on, you know, interesting and well done content instead of the pointless, talking head happy crap that is on that station 90% of the time.

There was nothing like celebrating the death of that bastard Bin-Ladin. Listen to the overall happiness and chants at Citizen’s Bank Park. You’d think Michael Irvin was lying motionless on the field, ammiright?

Sidenote: Has there ever been a bad 30 For 30? Every single one is both interesting and on point. I’d thought I’d go into the one about the 1980 Russian hockey team (Of Miracles And Men) hating those Commie bastards and almost came out the other side carrying a sickle and pick axe. These guys could make the life and career of a bum like James Thrash worth watching for a few minutes. I don’t care if he’s been retired for a decade, point to the sky one more time after a 2-yard catch on 3rd and 12, Trash. I fucking dare you.