Ted Cruz Has Never Been More Wrong Than When He Says "It Isn't About Me"

Uhhhh dude it’s literally 100% about you. Nobody likes you. You’re gross. You talk weird. Your daughter looks at your face like it’s Chucky. You gaff corny cultural references. You stink.


Look Ted, I try to give everyone a chance. I really do. Fiscally, you’re alright. Abolishing the IRS and introducing a flat tax that will give all of us a significant increase in after-tax income is favorable. I like that. Nobody likes the IRS. And creating jobs does stem from the fundamental notion of easing burdens on small businesses, which I believe you understand and support. So far, so good.

Socially, I ain’t fully with you. Caring about who pees where is weird. But hey, you align with typical conservatives in that and more… in theory, you should play well with them.

But you don’t. Let’s take a look at polling for tomorrow’s pivotal Indiana primary:

And let’s take a look at how the New York Times describes Indiana, a state that should be bad for Trump and great for Ted:

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 1.40.15 PM

Bottom line — it is about you, Ted. Policy-wise, the people that you need to vote for you should be voting for you. But they’re not. Because they don’t like you. And after tomorrow, if they continue to not vote for you, you’re #done.



PS – It’s also pretty straight-forward that Trump is a very rare fiscally conservative, socially liberal presidential candidate, which is the range on the political spectrum that most people fall somewhere into. But don’t tell that to the media, for any degree of Trump support can equal one thing and one thing only: Anger!