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Time To Eat Some Breakfast


No in all honesty though, last night was a lot of fun. For those who missed it, I played a $400 buy in tournament over at Maryland Live over the weekend that had 32k for first and a 5k trip to Aruba. Played day 1 on Friday and day 2 was yesterday, ultimately finishing in 4th. I didn’t tweet or anything about it, was just kinda in the zone, avoiding the real world, until the final table when fellow final tablist, poker legend Christian Harder took a pic of me and someone tagged KFC and Pres in it, then it was off to the races. Thanks for all the good lucks and that shit by the way.

I had the chip lead for the better part of day 2. Was just playing really well and picking up cards at the right time, basically the perfect combo. Went into the final table 2nd in chips, and was 2nd in chips down to 4 handed where I lost a couple pretty standard hands to the short stacks who just couldn’t lose. I was playing for the win, not for pay jumps, as you should do. Ultimately we decided to stop playing while 4 handed and chop up the money. Despite having a small stack I got better than 3rd place money so that was cool. And I won a vacation package for Aruba, which is cool too. Can’t wait to go to Aruba and blog the entire time. #BarstoolVacations

I’m actually kinda bummed about my finish. I wanted to win that shit. I was the best player at the table and playing really well (besides the one time I forgot what I had, but I still played that hand fine). Things just didn’t bounce my way 4 handed and we chopped it up when I had the least amount of chips, would have preferred to chop when I had way more chips so I would have made myself a bit more money. But 13k is cool regardless. And now Dave has to send me to Vegas and put me into the main event of the WSOP right? If he had any self respect he’d do it.

PS: Next Friday I’m a bounty in this 1k tournament. I plan on winning it. 4th place is so 2000 and late.