Reader Email - My Buddy Filmed A Crazy Fight at Cookout

Reader Email

Hey guys,

My buddy filmed this in person. Oh what would a Friday night in Gate City be without a full on brawl in the middle of a Cook Out line! For those of you guys who’ve never been to Cook Out (Dixie back me up here)– it’s a popping late night spot mecca for hammered folks of all sorts. Just another Friday night off Summit Avenue!

(News article to back up)



So many questions. First of all a Stoolie filmed this fight? I don’t want to be stereotypical or rude but really? It doesn’t exactly seem like our demo. I guess it’s actually great news. It means maybe we’re starting to cross over to black people. Good shit.

2nd what was this dude’s deal?


Did he suddenly have to take a shit or something? Never seen anybody just get up and bolt like this in the middle of a fight.

3rd. That chick who got stabbed was 1 ride or die motherfucker. Titties out, throwing haymakers, just bleeding to death like a son of a bitch. She fuck with me anyday.

4th. What was the deal with the 2 chicks on the ground. Were they even fighting? It just seemed like one was sitting on the other.