Orioles Lose More Than The Game To Chicago, Zach Britton Likely Out A Few Days

Strange game for the top two teams in the American League last night. A back and forth game where the O’s went up, Jonathan Schoop forgot how to catch a ball twice on one play, Sox go up, O’s fought back, but the bullpen gave up the lead late in the game. Darren O’Day gave up a 2-run homer to Todd Frazier in the top of the 8th to go up 7-5, but Chris Davis battled and had an opposite field double to drive in 2 runs and tie the game in the bottom of the ninth.

That is when Zach Britton, for the second night in a row, had to leap off the mound and attempt an athletic play. He ended the game on Friday night with a great diving play to tag the runner out, but this was a different story. Adam Eaton laid down a good bunt and Britton attempted to flip the ball to Davis, but stepped awkwardly and sprained his left ankle. Not what you want to see happen to your all start closer.

He limped around for a few seconds, and came out of the game. Vance Worley came in the game and gave up the eventual game winning single to Jose Abreu. I’m not sure why Brad Brach wasn’t brought in to finish this one though, that is who I would have gone to. O’s lost the game, and their closer for a few days most likely. Looks like O’Day could close some games this week against the Yankees and Oakland, or Buck could go with the matchups. If there is one guy who doesn’t care about the closer role, it’s Buck. If he sees a matchup he likes, he’s going with it. Britton said earlier today that he doesn’t think he’ll be on the DL, so I’m expecting him to miss at least the Yankees game, maybe hold him out until Friday or Saturday.

Birds are looking for the series win against probably the best pitcher in the American League, Chris Sale. The O’s have had some success against Sale in the past, but it’ll be a tough one today if they can get it off with the rain. I think Pres is at the game as well, buy him a boh and show him why Camden Yards is the best park in the world.