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Some Guy On The Internet Claims He Has The Cup That Started The Malice At The Palace


I had never shown this before, since I’ve got no real proof aside from the story myself and my friends tell. Cellphones at that time didn’t have cameras like they do now, at least mine didn’t. In this Video @ 6:20 is a slow-mo replay of the cup in question. Yet I don’t need proof to know that what I have in my possession is genuine. Here’s the backstory:

…Fast forward to about 4 minutes after the players had left for the locker rooms. Mason, the announcer, and other police/security guards were demanding we all leave in a calm fashion as quickly as possible. I had to retrieve that Cup. I had in my mind the idea that if I myself were to get it, I would be pepper sprayed or some sort of force would be taken upon me. So, being the kind hearted gentleman I am, I asked my girlfriend to lunge for it. She obliged immediately, and simply walked down to the court and picked it up. At this point, security was not within 100 feet of us, and the Cup itself was still laying where it had been for a good 10 minutes. She picks it up, still with traces of liquid in it, which was not alcohol but definitely a soda of some sort. She hands it to me, I tell her to place it in her purse. The three of us leave with gusto.
Now it resides at my father’s home. No markings of the chaos, no real authenticity of the event. Just the story that can be vouched by other people, and just maybe video somewhere out there. To this day I refuse to watch footage of the Malice. Just thinking about it makes my eyes well up, I get a lump in my throat and I am overcome with remorse. A lot of things changed that night, most for the better, but the images and stories I ponder from that night will live with me forever, as will this mundane yet infamous article of NBA history.



That’s Jon Voight’s pencil! With Jon Voight’s Teeth Marks!


I don’t know if this story is true or not. There is basically no way of proving it definitively one way or another and honestly I don’t really care. What I do care about though is this guy being the biggest pussy in the world talking about how the video footage of the fight makes him cry and he refuses to watch it to this day. Seriously dude? It was a fucking basketball fight. In Detroit no less, where something like this is sort of expected. You didn’t see anyone die. You saw Ron Artest be Ron Artest, Jermaine O’neil punch turtle from Entourage, Detroit fans be Detroit fans, and Stephen Jackson be scary as fuck. That’s about it. Spare me the fucking sob story. Lump in your throat. Be more of a drama queen, jesus.



How much would you pay for it if you could prove it is 100% true? My number is 200 dollars, then I would pay someone 10,000 dollars to fill it up with soda and throw it at Ron Artest again, just to see what would happen.