Cop Just Nonchalantly Runs Over Skateboarder


I can’t believe skaters still think the world has their back. Like that anyone sees this video and says to themselves, oh that cop is such a dickhead, he should be arrested. Fuck that. Where are the other 2 hours of footage of you doing ollie’s in people’s face, and skating goofy style in the street? Being a general public pain in the ass just because you got new grind plates and your parents don’t make you come home until 5 pm when they get off work. You think we don’t know your games skaters? You think we didn’t see that gnarly brah intentionally standing there so the cop would clip him? Literally the only time I’m cool with police brutality. If anything I’m mad the cop didn’t follow through. That was like a check swing at the plate. Blue ball city over here.